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Lulu Hypermarket Bahrain offers healthy Ramadan food at affordable prices

TDT | Manama

The Daily Tribune –

Lulu Hypermarket has announced a healthy selection of Ramadan food as the Kingdom’s families get set for the holy month.

With households preparing for the emphasis on sharing and carefully prepared home food, savvy shoppers will find plenty at Lulu to choose wisely and well.

Watch out for a Meat Festival that will offer the choicest prepared cuts of lamb, goat, buffalo, chicken and beef over an eight-day period starting 7 April.

To offer balanced diet choices, there will also be a Fresh Fruit Fair with delicious seasonal fruits from around the world – apples, oranges, berries from different countries and a wide variety of juicy watermelon as well as exotic fruits.

These will be complemented with a Dates and Nuts Special Promotion that will bring nutrient-packed dates in popular varieties such as Khudri and Safawi, apricots, figs, prunes, raisins, walnuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios and other delicious nibbles for the Ramadan table.

From staples like rice, flour, milk and milk powder, pasta and biscuits to Ramadan favourites such as fruit syrups, cheese, caramel custard and jelly and ready-prepared food such as kebabs, there is some- thing for every food table in this promotion.

There are also great deals on kitchen equipment such as smart pots, food processors and air fryers, which can ease the rush in the meal preparation and keep food healthy.

Alongside the Ramadan shopping, you can also multiply your chances of winning big till July 7 with the Lulu ‘Shop Big, Win Big’ promotion.

For every BD5 that you spend, you get an e-raffle to enter a draw to win over BD175,000 worth of Lulu shopping vouchers ranging in denomination from BD25 to BD100. There will be 400 lucky winners every fortnight, taking away BD25,000 worth of valuable Lulu vouchers.

What is more, there are bonus points for a big basket of brands and if you buy those, you get two e-raffle tickets in- stead of one. So, make the most of your shopping and increase your chances of winning.

It’s all-available at Lulu – plan a healthy and fulfilling Ramadan at your favourite Hypermarket.