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Northern Municipality remove 80 shipments of construction waste and rubble

TDT | Manama

The Daily Tribune –

The Northern Municipality has removed 80 shipments of construction waste and rubble as part of the “North Without Building Waste” campaign in the Hamala area.

Fourteen shops were also fined for failing to dump waste in designated sites, a clear violation of new Hygiene Law No. (10) of 2019.

A person was fined BD300 for randomly throwing waste in public spaces and residential neighbourhoods.

Random landfill waste represents one of the biggest challenges in the municipality.

In particular, the random disposal of construction waste is a recurring concern linked to the acceleration of urban development in the northern governorate and its vast area.

The campaign was launched in cooperation with the Municipal Council of the Northern Region.

It aims to raise awareness among various segments of society on the importance of throwing construction waste into their designated sites and familiarising community members with the legislation and procedures in place in the field of proper disposal of waste.

It also aims to strengthen community partnership to contribute to reducing the random throwing of construction waste and make the Northern Municipality free of widespread construction waste.

Part of the programme is to inform the concerned parties about the places designated for throwing construction waste and the proper methods that should be followed for disposal.

It is also aimed at raising awareness among contractors and workers in the field of building and construction about the damage caused by these wastes and the negative impact resulting from their random disposal.