Police dogs to detect COVID-19 cases at Bahrain ports | THE DAILY TRIBUNE | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN

Police dogs to detect COVID-19 cases at Bahrain ports


The Interior Ministry has started to use police dogs to detect and discover those infected with the coronavirus. It is a new trial launched by Bahrain as part of national efforts to limit the spread of coronavirus pandemic through the use of police dogs of the K9 Unit of the ministry to detect infected individuals through sniffing a sweat sample of each case, making it an easy way. 

The Medical K9 Detection Section is among the most important sections that were recently formed to utilise all available capabilities to combat the pandemic. The success rate of the training programme reaches 92.8%. The trial will be implemented at ports to detect infections for active and accurate procedures to safeguard public health and safety eventually. 

The police dogs received professional training to detect infected cases through sniffing samples of infected and non-infected individuals. The dogs show activeness in detecting the samples of those infected with the virus. The promising trial included training a group of police dogs under special scientific and veterinary care, in which the smelling sense is used to detect infection and many successful and efficient tests were carried through the police dogs at ports.

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