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BRCS ‘boosting skills of volunteers to tackle virus threat’

TDT | Manama

Bahrain Red Crescent Society (BRCS) has stressed its support for the overall national efforts in the Kingdom to tackle the emerging coronavirus (Covid 19), and focuses its humanitarian effort on mobilising and equipping volunteers to meet any national drive related to this virus and to complement and support government efforts in this regard.

The Acting-General Secretary of the Bahrain Red Crescent Society – Director General Mr Mubarak Khalifa Al Hadi, hailed the Kingdom’s national efforts to prevent coronavirus and stressed the society’s keenness to support those efforts by further building the capacities of volunteers and preparing them to be ready to provide any required support. Bahrain Red Crescent Society has continued its preparations to back the national efforts for tackling coronavirus, the society said in a statement issued.

Within this framework, the society held several events recently, and the management of the society held an open meeting with its volunteer members to strengthen their capabilities and preparedness to ensure effective humanitarian assistance promptly. The society stressed the importance of volunteers’ role spreading awareness of how to prevent coronavirus in different sectors. Training workshops were organised for the society’s medics to train on how to protect themselves when dealing with infected cases and in-field scenarios were performed on how to deal with people infected with the virus, in addition to disinfecting of surfaces and disposal of waste properly, the society pointed out.

In the same context, the society reached out to the relevant authorities to prepare for the response in a way that complements and supports the government efforts in this regard. Communications were made with the relevant international bodies and receive from them the latest evidence-based developments regarding the virus, and how to bring the procedures of dealing with the virus into the mainstream of public awareness. Through communication with the global bodies that are specialised in first aid affairs, the paramedics of the society were keen on updating their information regarding first-aid programmes to get the latest developments and instructions related to the application of first aid either in theory or in practice.

To perform immediate response in emergencies, a plan was arranged for what the society’s volunteers can do to tackle the virus. This includes listening to misleading rumours and questions about the virus and then encouraging awareness by using the knowledge learned and recommended IEC / ECV tools to provide accurate information. The society is preparing to develop contingency planning while seeking donations in personal protective equipment and preparing voluntary cadres capable to provide psychological and social support, Mr Al Hadi said.

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