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BenefitPay announces new features

TDT | Manama

Benefit, a leading regional player in electronic financial transactions, yesterday announced releasing new features for its BenefitPay users. The new features, Benefit said, will add value to existing products, and services or markets to meet rapidly changing consumer, and businesses demands. BenefitPay recorded over 2500 merchants with more than 300K registered users using the platform.

The new services include a ‘Split payment’ by which the payment for a transaction is split among multiple payees equally or variable according to the obligations of each person, Provided that the amount is deducted from each participant through his bank account. The second feature is “Payment Request”. This allows sending a notice to another person to request a payment through the application, also allowing the requester to write a remark on the reason of the request, while the other party will be able to accept or reject the request. Another new feature will focus on the exchange of transaction details which allows consumers to share their transaction details digitally via using the application. This feature allows consumers to share their transaction details easily with other users safely and conveniently, enabling users to send confirmation of completing the payment transaction to the other party.

A new “Contact us” option will be added in the application for consumers to connect anytime, easily with BENEFIT’s staff for all their inquiries. This will allow for quick accessibility, and allow them to solve all in their inquires in one platform. Additionally, the application will feature an in-depth Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that will include high-quality content that will help customers understand the various products and services quickly and effectively. This added section will be convenient for customers, which allows them to get access to their answers on the application itself. Yousif Al Nefaie, Benefit’s Deputy CEO, commented: “The more we integrate different products, the more we have to make sure consumers know how to use them, and enjoy the process at the same time. This comes in line with our mission to Provide and invest in innovative payment capabilities.” Users can update BenefitPay application on both Apple and Google Stores for The latest features and enhancements.

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