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Group of thieves held by cops after stealing spree

A gang of elusive shop thieves, who allegedly carried out stealing spree at many shops, were finally nabbed by police. The gang members are accused of carrying out thefts at automobile spare part shops. They were nabbed after the Interior Ministry constituted a special team following many complaints.

One shop owner alone reported a theft worth over BD2,000. The gang members allegedly stole spare parts as well as cash from the shop. Investigations revealed that the gang was involved in 10 similar thefts in the Naim area. The special team was able to soon identify the suspects, nabbing everyone involved including an Asian man suspected of masterminding the crimes. “A special team of policemen swung into action after a shop owner in the Naim area reported theft of spare parts worth BD2,000 and BD150 in cash,” said the Capital Police Directorate head of the investigation. He said CCTV footage from a shop adjoining the place, where the theft took place was examined and officers concluded that a man with his face covered, who alighted from a white sedan was the prime suspect.

“After a short while, a minibus was seen on the same road. Another man, wearing what appeared to be a traditional Pakistani dress, alighted from the vehicle and joined the first man. Later, a third man also joined them. “They had their faces covered and hence it was difficult to identify them initially.

“The three then disappeared from security cameras and apparently broke open the locks of the shop, making off with the stolen goods,” a report in Interior Ministry’s publication Al Amn stated. “He said investigators succeeded in identifying the minibus and, through security cameras, saw it was making its way towards the airport on the King Faisal Highway opposite the Bahrain Financial Harbour. 

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