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Domestic workers ‘no longer face troubles in the Kingdom’

The implementation of an insurance scheme for domestic workers is a positive step towards securing them as well as their rights, said Majeed Maarij, secretary to the board of directors at Bahrain Recruiters Society yesterday.

Mr Majeed’s comments come in light of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) launching a new permit system to domestic workers a few months ago. The system is aimed at the welfare of both the workers and their employers.

“Domestic workers now face no more troubles in the Kingdom, especially after the implementation of tripartite agreement and insurance for them. The LMRA adopted the Tripartite Domestic Contract in March this year, which regulates the relationship between the Employment Office, the employer (the household) and the domestic worker (domestic expatriate employees and their equivalents), and all recruitment offices are obliged to apply it.

“We are monitoring the tripartite agreement and if needed, we are willing to propose amendments for the welfare of all the parties involved.” He said the Kingdom’s government and the Labour Ministry are in their best efforts to ensure the rights of each and every worker are protected. 

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