Wrong side biker loses appeal | THE DAILY TRIBUNE | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN

Wrong side biker loses appeal

Police officers spotted a rider steering his bike on the wrong side of the road and alerted him to pull over. However, he refused to obey the order, fleeing the scene. He wasn’t even wearing a helmet but police officers failed to nail him down as he succeeded to disappear by diving with his bike into small alleys unfit for car use. 

Police officers gave up running after him and investigations were opened into the case. The culprit eventually fell into the police net thanks to a thorough search. And he admitted to his wrongdoing and was sent for a trial before a traffic court. He was initially fined BD1, 100, but the verdict was challenged. He yesterday appeared before the court to hear the outcome of his appeal, which was rejected. 

He told judges that he can’t settle it in one stretch and requested to let him pay the amount on a monthly installment basis. However, the judges ordered him to pay the full amount in one stretch or face six months jail.