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Man who burnt cop’s car loses appeal

The Supreme Criminal Court of Appeal yesterday upheld the imprisonment sentence of a Bahraini man who is convicted of burning a policeman’s car in Karzakkan village the Northern Governorate. The same court earlier reduced the imprisonment sentence of another defendant who’s involved in the same case to five years. However, it held on to its initial decision to fine both of them BD5, 804 collectively in compensation for the vehicle they burnt.

The details of the case show that both defendants have agreed to burn the victim’s car while it was parked next to his house in the village, with the intention of disturbing the peace and public order, and spreading terror among citizens and residents. Anyhow, investigations and according to the defendants’ statements in the interrogation, the appellant was the mastermind behind the crime.

They poured petrol, which was provided by the appellant, on the car and the latter torched the car before they both fled the spot. On August 13 last year, both defendants were interrogated by the Public Prosecution, which accused them of intentionally burning the victim’s car, and endangering people’s lives and properties serving a terrorist purpose.

The prosecution referred the defendants to the criminal court, which earlier sentenced both to 10 years imprisonment and fined them BD5, 804. The second defendant’s appeal was accepted and his sentence was reduced by half, but the appeal of the first defendant, the mastermind, was rejected.