World Quiz Championship

The International Quizzing Association (IQA) is introducing the World Quiz Championship (WQC) 2019 for the first time in Bahrain.

The event will be held in association with Q Factory, Kerala Catholic Association (KCA) and S.T.E.P. Academy. WQC 2019 will be conducted at the VKL Auditorium, Kerala Catholic Association (KCA) on 1 June 2019 from 1.30 pm to 6.00 pm. The last date of registration is 28th May and for registration contact +97336939596. Registration fee is BD3. There is no age or qualification bounds set to take part in any of the events.

The same set of questions will be given to the participants across all the venues in the world. In Kerala, World Quiz Championship is conducted under the guidance of district collectors. The participants get a chance to directly represent the country in an official World Championship, by completing the test.

“It is truly a matter of our pride to represent Bahrain on this world map of World Quiz Championships,” said Aneesh Nirmalan, Proctor of World Quiz Championship 2019. Sevi Mathunni, President of KCA, said that it’s a pride moment to host this event along with the KCA’s 50th-anniversary celebrations.