Crackdown on businesses encroaching roads underway | THE DAILY TRIBUNE | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN

Crackdown on businesses encroaching roads underway

The Southern Governorate is carrying out an intense campaign to crack down on violations related to roadside businesses. It is learnt that the Inspection and Licensing Inspection Department has begun carrying out many inspection visits. According to reports, the violating businesses have been using the space in front of their shops to either sell their products or to use it as a workspace after encroaching the road.  “The campaign aims to ensure the municipality’s efforts to enforce the law and to limit practices that are contradictory to the law. Several complaints were received from citizens and residents who expressed their displeasure at the actions of the owners of the shops.

“Several violations were noted and action has been taken against them,” a representative from the municipality said.   Recently, 17 violations were uncovered on Al Hajiyat Street in Riffa. “It is found that many businesses offering maintenance of washing machines, air-conditioners, sale of iron and aluminium products and tyre retreading had encroached the road in the governorate. The items were confiscated and action was taken against them.”   The municipality has informed the owners of these shops the need to respect the law and conduct commercial activity in accordance with the procedures in force in the Kingdom. The businesses that do not comply with the warning will face further action, the representative added.

The municipality, as part of the campaign, has also been conducting awareness campaigns. Following complaints received from residents, authorities have recently conducted campaigns in Nuwaidrat area as well.  Previously five shops selling furniture were warned, and nine cafes were notified of the violation. “The owners of the shops are asked to abide by the municipal laws and regulations and avoid encroaching the road with furniture, tables, chairs and any other kind items because this impedes the movement of traffic in these streets,” the municipality stated.