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N'OVO Hosts its First Workshop on Reducing Food Waste and Fresh Ingredients Management

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N'OVO, a leading breakfast restaurant in Bahrain, today announced that it has successfully hosted its first sustainability workshop "The Art of Reducing Food Waste: Practical Tips for Fresh Ingredients Management." The initiative, led by N’OVO Head Chef, Vishy, marks the beginning of N'OVO's commitment to hosting educational events aimed at promoting sustainable practices within the community.

The workshop provided attendees with practical strategies to reduce food waste by effectively managing fresh ingredients. Participants learned about proper storage techniques, understanding expiration dates, meal planning, inventory management, and creative cooking methods to transform leftovers into new dishes. Chef Vishy shared his expertise, offering valuable tips on how to make the most of every ingredient, such as using vegetable scraps for stocks and broths, and opting for reusable storage solutions.


The event also emphasized the importance of community education in promoting sustainable practices. Mothers, who play a pivotal role in managing household food consumption, were particularly highlighted as key participants in fostering a culture of conscious consumption. The workshop's practical approach and hands-on demonstrations provided attendees with actionable insights that they can implement in their daily lives.

Fahad Al Zain, Director of N’OVO, said, "We are proud to have hosted our first workshop on reducing food waste and fresh ingredients management. This initiative reflects N'OVO's commitment to sustainability and community education. By empowering our community with practical knowledge and strategies, we aim to foster a culture of conscious consumption and environmental responsibility. We look forward to continuing this journey and hosting more workshops that contribute to a sustainable future."


Chef Vishy added "Hosting this workshop was an incredible opportunity to share practical strategies for helping our community become more sustainable. It's essential that we all take steps towards more sustainable practices in our kitchens. By making small changes, we can significantly reduce waste and make a positive impact on our environment. I am excited to continue this journey with our community and inspire others to adopt these important habits."

N'OVO plans to continue hosting workshops and educational events as part of its commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Through these initiatives, N'OVO aims to make a significant positive impact on the environment and inspire others to join in creating a more sustainable future.