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Major infrastructure project to transform Budaiya highway underway

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The construction of a significant infrastructure project along Budaiya Highway is set to reshape transportation in Bahrain, spanning approximately 6.5 kilometers from Al Qadam Roundabout to Janabiya Highway.

This ambitious endeavour will see the development of a new 3-lane dual carriageway, aimed at improving traffic flow and connectivity in the region.

The project is part of AMAS Access improvement package 3, for which a tender launched by the Ministry of Works attracted two bidders.

Haji Hassan Group quoted BD 29,936,870.990 and Nass Contracting quoted BHD 31,435,270.000.

Key components of the project include the installation of four new traffic signals to replace existing roundabouts, as well as modifications to existing traffic signals at Janabiya Highway.

Additionally, enhancements such as dedicated pedestrian footbridges and comprehensive street lighting are planned to ensure safety and accessibility for all road users.

One of the project’s primary objectives is the protection and rerouting of existing utilities to accommodate the new road infrastructure seamlessly.

Residents and commuters can anticipate significant improvements in transportation efficiency along Budaiya Highway once the project is completed as outlined in the detailed tender documents.