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Traffic Accidents Claim 33 Lives in Bahrain in 2023

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A new report released by the Information and eGovernment Authority reveals that 33 people lost their lives in traffic accidents in Bahrain during 2023. The report also provides a breakdown of injuries sustained by drivers, categorized by severity and gender.

The statistics show a significant disparity in the number of male and female fatalities. While 30 men died in traffic accidents last year, only 3 women lost their lives.

The report also highlights the number of serious and minor injuries. In 2023, 236 men sustained serious injuries in traffic accidents, compared to 45 women. Minor injuries were reported for 199 men and 86 women.

When compared to 2022, the number of serious injuries for men decreased slightly from 228 to 236. However, the number of serious injuries for women increased from 37 to 45. Minor injuries for men also saw a slight increase from 213 to 199, while minor injuries for women remained relatively consistent at 88 and 86.

The number of fatalities in 2022 was slightly lower than in 2023, with 24 men and 3 women losing their lives.