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Bahrain car owners seek heat relief amid strict tinting regulations

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Report by Zahra Ayaz

As the scorching summer heat envelops Bahrain, many car owners are seeking ways to keep their vehicles cool and protect themselves from the intense sunlight while driving.

However, current laws on window tinting present challenges for those looking to beat the heat. According to the Ministry of Interior, it is illegal to place transparent films on the front and rear windows of a car.

The side windows must maintain a minimum of 30% visibility. Factory-installed windows also cannot exceed 30% opacity. Emergency vehicles are the only exception to these rules.

The Daily Tribune spoke to locals to gauge their opinions on whether there should be an extension on the percentage of visibility during the summer.

“Most of us spend more time driving in our car rather than at home, and even though the majority of cars have tinted windows, the problem is the front windshield has no tint,” says Nseer Ahmed.

“The car gets so hot, especially in the afternoons. It takes a long time for the air conditioning to cool it down, and the sun’s glare makes it difficult to drive.”


Mohd Danish echoed these sentiments, recounting his experience of fully tinting his car to a zero-visibility level last year for comfort, only to be fined BD20 for violating the law.

“The best quality tints come from the US and can cost BD90 or more, but there are also local shops offering tints for BD10-15,” he says. “It’s really important to have some level of tint, even if it’s within the allowed limits, to protect both the car and the occupants from the direct sunlight.”

Febin J Sam suggests that Bahrain should consider adopting a similar policy to the UAE, where the government allows a 50 per cent visible light transmission (VLT) limit due to the extreme climate conditions.

Alternative solution

To address the heat concerns, car window tinting service provider ‘B Cool Group’ recommends “Nano ceramic coating” as an alternative solution.

Operation Manager Farooq Ali told DT that this treatment, priced at BD154 for sedans and BD176 for SUVs, can provide effective heat control without violating tinting laws.

Window tinting services

Beyond the nano ceramic option, Mr. Ali noted that B Cool Group offers a variety of other window tinting services. These include heat control films, daylight redirecting films, sun control tinting, paint protection, and privacy window films.

As the heat continues to intensify, pressure may mount on Bahraini authorities to re-examine their policies and accommodate the public’s need for better heat protection in vehicles. Until then, car owners must find ways to beat the summer sun while staying within the confines of the law.