‘8 in 1 expo’ begins in Bahrain
, Posted on 12-Jan-2018

‘8 in 1 expo’ begins in Bahrain

Manama : The first edition of the ‘8 in 1 expo’ was launched in Bahrain yesterday with the participation of more than 220 local and international exhibitors. 

The three-day event, organised by First target at Bahrain International Exhibitions Centre - Hall 1-2, is expecting a footfall of over 30,000. 

“The idea behind this event is to have everything in one place so that shoppers can find anything they want,” First target CEO Yousif Dawood told DT News. “This will save them time and make it easier to find the best deals.”

He further revealed that their initial plan was to have four exhibitions. “Thanks to the overwhelming interest and last minute developments we were able to expand to six,” he said adding that next year “the event will feature 8 exhibitions.” 

The expo, Dawood said, features a wide variety of exhibitors including real estate developers, sellers of building materials and solar equipment, as well as medical professionals and nurses on behalf of their hospitals. 

“Beauty salons and spa as well as big companies selling clothes and perfumes are also participating,” he said. 

Doors open from 10am to 10pm. Entry is free to all.

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