Man found dead in idling car in Bahrain
, Posted on 07-Dec-2017

Man found dead in idling car in Bahrain

Manama : A man, suspected to be in his forties, was found dead inside a car parked next to a mosque in Bilad Al Qadeem, yesterday. 

Suspicious residents, who approached the car, found the man motionless inside and alerted the police immediately. 

CCTV footages obtained from a nearby restaurant showed the man parking the car on Tuesday night. 

The car’s engine was still running when the residents spotted it. 

Eyewitnesses said he looked like an Arab man in his forties. 

The idling vehicle, a sports sedan, was first spotted by the restaurant owner’s nephew, who grew suspicious about the car staying there for a long time. 

Police were alerted immediately when the unresponsive man was found inside the vehicle.  

“The car was parked at around 9:58 pm and continued to remain there until morning,” the restaurant owner told DT News adding: “As there was nothing suspicious, we didn’t bother to check.

“But in the morning, we noticed that the car was still there, with its engine still running and this made us suspicious,” the restaurant owner said. 

“Our CCTV camera has captured everything from the moment he parked here.” 

“The car was stationary throughout the time and no one had gone there since he parked there,” he said, adding, “We had never seen this man before, he is not from this area.”

The restaurant owner also told DT News that rumours are spreading in the area that “he may have overdosed on some medicine, but we have no clue.”

“The police are investigating, we have provided them with all the information that we have.” 

A cold store owner from the area said a crowd gathered at the spot after the man was revealed dead in the car. “Everyone gathered there to find out what happened. I saw him. He looked like a Bahraini man, certainly Arab. He looked like he is in his forties.”  

The Interior Ministry has not confirmed the incident. 

Mohammed Zafran/DTNN