Employee error at fuel station damage vehicles in Bahrain
, Posted on 12-Oct-2017

Employee error at fuel station damage vehicles in Bahrain

ManamaAn employee error at one of the main fuel stations in Muharraq Governorate caused damages to several vehicles earlier this week.

Source confirmed that an “inexperienced” employee at Hidd Fuel Station, which is operated by Hidd Consumer Cooperative Association under the umbrella of Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco), on Monday filled the tanks allocated for Jayyid (91 Octane) fuel with diesel.

The blunder caused damages to at least five vehicles, as their drivers unknowingly refilled them with diesel from the Jayyid fuel pumps.

DT News has learnt that three of the affected drivers lodged complaints against the station at Hidd Police Station, after their vehicles were damaged by the diesel, which is unsuitable for their vehicles.

“The police station communicated with the association in charge of the station. Bapco was informed and the necessary procedures were taken against the employees, as the surveillance cameras at the station proved his responsibility of the mistake,” sources told.

The station immediately ceased providing Jayyid fuel, while the tanks were cleaned and the diesel is removed from them.

The association issued a statement, which DT News obtained a copy of, apologising for the “unintentional” mistake.

“The fuel station will stop providing customers with Jayyid fuel, as it was mixed with diesel. The incident happened at around 10 pm on Monday. Bapco is now cleaning the tank, removing the remains of diesel and conducting laboratory examinations to ensure that the tank is completely free from any remains,” the statement mentioned.

The management said in its statement that “the station will soon resume providing Jayyid fuel” and that “the Mumtaz (95 Octane) and diesel pumps were not affected by the incident”.

It also pledged to compensate those affected by the mixed fuel at the pump, calling them to directly communicate with the officials at Bapco on 36668483 and 39468629. However, no statements were available from Bapco.

Muhannad Mansour/DTNN news@dt.bh