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Chery ARRIZO 6 in global top 10 best transmission cars

Chery vehicles, exclusively distributed by Motorcity in Bahrain, marked a major milestone by winning the ‘Global Top 10 Best Transmission Cars’ for the Arrizo 6, which will be available in Bahrain soon. The second Global Top 10 Best Transmissions Awarding Ceremony & the Second International Seminar on Transmission Technology Innovation was held in Beijing.

Chery ARRIZO 6 which utilises a CVT25 type transmission was unanimously praised for winning the prestigious Asian award. The competition, open to all global brands in the market saw Chery take the lead between mainstream JV car brands such as Volkswagen and General Motors. Commenting on the occasion, Motorcity Chairman Waleed E Kanoo said: “Motorcity is proud to be the local partner of Chery in Bahrain and this award is a win for us as well.

Chery cars have gained much popularity in Bahrain as more people are realising the true potential of Chinese products and their high quality, coupled with Motorcity’s world-class service facility in Ma’ameer. We look forward to receiving an all-new line up of Chery models for 2019 which includes this award-winning ARRIZO 6.”

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