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Biden announces $2.9 billion in food security aid amid Ukraine war

Agencies | Washington

The Daily Tribune –

US President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday another $2.9 billion for a fund aimed at helping to resolve global food insecurity – a result, in part, of the war in Ukraine.

Biden will make the announcement in his speech to the UN General Assembly, the White House said; the money "builds on the $6.9 billion in US government assistance to support global food security already committed this year." The White House added that food supplies are being dangerously disrupted by "the compounding impacts of the pandemic, the deepening climate crisis, rising energy and fertiliser costs, and protracted conflicts – including Russia's invasion of Ukraine." 

The turmoil has "disrupted global supply chains and dramatically increased global food prices." In particular, long-term droughts have left parts of Somalia at risk of famine, the White House said. "This new announcement of $2.9 billion will save lives through emergency interventions,", they added, "and will invest in medium to long term food security assistance in order to protect the world's most vulnerable populations from the escalating global food security crisis."