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Fans support F1 teams on race day at Bahrain International Circuit

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Report by Zahra Ayaz and Zainab Zaman

The atmosphere at the Bahrain International Circuit is electric as Formula 1 fans from around the world gather to witness the thrilling conclusion of the weekend.

Passionate supporters are ready to invest their time, money, and emotions into cheering on their beloved teams in the hopes of securing victory on this momentous day.

The Daily Tribune had the opportunity to speak with several fans to learn more about their favourite teams and the reasons behind their unwavering support.

Each fan had their own unique story and connection to the teams and drivers they passionately endorsed. Josh Smith, an ardent follower of the sport, proudly voices his support for the iconic Ferrari team. “Ferrari is my favourite team,” he exclaims. “I love their car, and I aspire to own one myself someday.


My favourite driver is Carlos Sainz, and I’m rooting for him to clinch the victory today.” Chris, who grew up watching Formula 1 alongside his father, pledges his allegiance to Aston Martin.

“Seeing my dad cheer for Aston Martin created a deep emotional attachment to the team,” he reveals. “I’m hoping Fernando Alonso can triumph in today’s race, as he holds a special place in my heart.” Mercedes boasts a legion of fervent supporters, with Lewis Hamilton’s immense talent captivating the hearts of many.

Mercy, who has travelled all the way from England, proudly proclaims, “Lewis Hamilton is the best driver in history, having secured numerous championships.

I’m thrilled to be present in Bahrain to witness my favourite team clinch yet another victory.” Hailing from Italy, Marco Ragni is a passionate supporter of the Ferrari team.


“Having followed Formula 1 for nearly eight years, I believe it surpasses any other sport,” he enthuses. “I’m fervently rooting for Ferrari to emerge victorious, with Carlos Sainz as their star driver.”

Luca Caminiti, attending his first race in Bahrain, expresses his desire for Aston Martin’s success.

“I hope Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso can lead the team to victory,” he shares, savouring the unique experience of witnessing the race in person.

Alpine’s charisma has won over the heart of Diomede Jerome. “Alpine is an incredible team, and both Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon are cool and fun drivers,” he remarks.


Delighted to be in Bahrain for the fourth time to witness the race, Diomede praises the enthusiastic atmosphere created by the fans.

For Cutri Maxence from France, a first-time attendee of an F1 race, the allure of Max Verstappen and the Red Bull team is undeniable.


“Max is an exceptional driver who can conquer any challenge,” he asserts. “It’s not just about his car; it’s about his abilities. I hope he emerges victorious once again.”

Moko, a 60-year-old Senegalese self-proclaimed F1 fan known for his best-known figures in the F1 paddock, said, “Although he never drove any cars, he’s very passionate about the F1 race, and he supports Mercedes.”

Lastly, the Norcus family from Colombia rallies behind Mercedes, with their children idolising Lewis Hamilton.


“We wholeheartedly support Mercedes,” they declare. “Lewis Hamilton is a phenomenal driver, and his car is truly remarkable. We fervently pray for a Mercedes team triumph.”

As the anticipation reaches its peak, these devoted fans demonstrate the immense passion and loyalty that F1 enthusiasts possess for their favourite teams.

The race promises to be a thrilling spectacle, with dreams of victory and championship glory hanging in the balance.

The fervent cheers and unwavering support from these fans will undoubtedly create an unforgettable atmosphere as the teams race towards the checkered flag.