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Brazil’s richest rap star NOG jets to Bahrain to witness epic lightweight title clash at BRAVE CF 77 on 5th December

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Brazil’s most popular and richest rapper, NOG has landed in the Kingdom of Bahrain to attend BRAVE CF 77 on December 5, 2023, at Khalifa Sports City in Isa Town. He will attend to support his countryman, Lucas Martins (22- 6-0) who will face Abdisalam Uulu Kubanychbek in the main event for the lightweight world championship.

NOG is one of the most famous names among youth in Brazil with over 1.3M followers on Instagram. Brazilian rapper and part of Sao Paulo rap group Costa Gold. They’re famous for their trilogies Vicious Cycle, including EPs including Domino Effect, Epifania, and Posfacio.

Martins, who is associated with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry including Wiz Khalifa, aims to take the title back to Brazil while joining Jarrah Al-Silawi as the only two men to be two-time world champions in the same weight class.

“I am in Bahrain to support my countryman Lucas and his team. I am certain with the whole nation of Brazil behind him, he will bring the world championship title to Brazil. On 5th December, I welcome all the Brazilian fans and fight fans to join me at the Khalifa Sports City to support Lucas Martins.”, said NOG.

The fight between Lucas Martins and Abdisalam Uulu Kubanychbek showcases contrasting styles and fight traditions clashing for the lightweight world championship. As Martins carries with him the rich Brazilian fighting tradition that shaped Chute Boxe Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu sharpened with Team Lucas Mineiro, Kubanychbek introduces to the world the indomitable fighting spirit of his people, as the number one fighter out of Kyrgyzstan, introducing himself, and his country’s MMA scene to millions of people through BRAVE CF.

The highest profile fight of 2023, happening at BRAVE CF 77 will witness the national hero of Kyrgyzstan facing the legend from Brazil in a world-class wrestler vs. striker showdown. BRAVE CF 77, featuring a captivating mix of established superstars and rising prospects, will show-case athletes from 10 nations, including Kyrgyzstan, Brazil, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Tajikistan, and Slovenia.

Two world titles will be defended during the event, with the main event featuring the lightweight championship clash and the super welterweight world championship fight between the reigning champion Marcin Bandel and Kamal Magomedov.

With 70% of the fighters on impressive win streaks, BRAVE CF 77 marks the 8th time in the promotion’s history that two or more world titles will be on the line during the same event. BRAVE CF has organized 80 events in 30 nations, featuring nearly 800 athletes from over 80 countries across the globe.