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Crowne Plaza Bahrain opens Khaimat Al Crowne tent

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Crowne Plaza, a leading hotel brand in Bahrain, held a pre-Ramadan iftar event at its Bahrain property to launch its new tent, Khaimat Al Crowne on Monday.

Crowne Plaza said the tent offers an authentic Ramadan experience, complete with traditional decor, indoor and outdoor seating, and live entertainment.

The highlight of the evening was the live tanoura dance and live Arabic music, which added to the festive atmosphere of the event. Guests were also treated to a buffet featuring more than 100 varieties of food, including traditional Arabic dishes and international cuisine.

"We are thrilled to launch Khaimat Al Crowne and offer our guests a truly unique experience this Ramadan," said Charbel Hanna, General Manager of Crowne Plaza Bahrain.

"The tent has been designed to bring the true spirit of Ramadan to life and we look forward to welcoming guests to our iftar and ghabga throughout the month." The Khaimat Al Crowne tent will be open every evening during Ramadan for iftar & ghabga from sunset until 2:00 AM.