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Record-breaking 679 promotions in 2022, highest in Alba’s history

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Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) announced promoting 679 employees in 2022, the highest in the history of Alba. Employees across management and non-management levels were promoted as part of Alba’s commitment to investing in its national employees.

These promotions, Alba said, were based on its employee development programmes -- Skill Matrix for non-supervisory level employees and Training & Development Programmes (TDP) for supervisory level employees as well as on direct promotion basis.

Marking the occasion, Alba conducted a ceremony yesterday at the Company’s Oasis Hall.

“Developing our national employees from within has been one of Alba’s founding philosophies. We didn’t promote our people for simply doing their jobs but because they have demonstrated their potential to do more for Alba”, said Aluminium Bahrain (Alba)’s Chief Executive Officer Ali Al Baqali at the ceremony.

Adding further, Alba’s Chief Executive Officer, Ali Al Baqali said: “Our employees always come first, and this is an investment we are committed to for the privilege of staying in business for generations to come.

We are also pleased to recognise our employees through these promotions and look forward for them to be the changer in Alba’s journey.”

It is noteworthy that Alba achieved 599,252 training hours and a company-wide 6.6% of total work hours being allocated to employee-capacity building activities in 2022 – which is well above the industry’s average rate of 5%.