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KFH – Bahrain, Hintsa Performance launch ‘Better life’ employee programme

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Kuwait Finance House – Bahrain has announced the launch of its new “Better Life” employee wellbeing programme, which is developed and delivered in partnership with Hintsa Performance, a world leader in wellbeing and human high-performance coaching.

The programme aims to support all KFH employees in enhancing their wellbeing and attaining better health results through a holistic, evidence-based and personalized approach.

The programme is built on a foundation of holistic wellbeing with a focus on improving employee wellbeing including ‘physical activity’, ‘nutrition’, ‘sleep and recovery’, ‘biomechanics’, ‘mental energy’, ‘general health’ and the ‘core’ – which entails an individual’s identity, purpose and control in life.

The programme has two main subprogrammes: the ‘Team wellbeing programme’, and the ‘Digital programme’. KFH team members enrolled in the ‘Team wellbeing programme’ will undergo bi-monthly interactive webinars on health and wellbeing, group discussions and activities as well as focused one-to-one coaching sessions with a designated performance and wellbeing coach from Hintsa Performance.

The ‘Digital wellbeing programme’ allows all KFH employees to access and use Hintsa’s ‘Better Life app’ designed to assist them in reaching their wellbeing targets and digitally keep in touch with a performance and wellbeing coach.

Commenting on the new programme, Sara Zainalabedin, Head of Human Resources at KFH-Bahrain said: “We believe that the health and wellbeing of all KFH staff members is a core priority and a business value of strategic importance for us as an organization, and we are confident that our partnership with Hintsa Performance will be a key enabler for all KFH team members to improve their overall health and wellbeing, recognize their full potential and drive their professional growth.”