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Bahraini Youth Assaults Elderly Man with Wooden Board

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In a disturbing incident, a Bahraini youth attacked an elderly man with a thick wooden board after the victim had finished his prayers at a mosque. The assault has left the elderly man, aged 62, with permanent disability estimated at around 3%.

The details indicate that the victim was waiting outside the mosque to speak to the assailant's father about the son, when the 28-year-old assailant suddenly approached from behind and started beating the elderly man all over his body with the wooden board.

In an attempt to defend himself, the victim raised his right hand towards his face, but the assailant struck his hand as well, causing him to fall to the ground. The attacker did not stop there - he then grabbed the victim's neck, attempting to choke him, until other worshippers intervened and pulled him away.

The assault left the victim with a fractured and dislocated right wrist, requiring surgical treatment. Medical reports also confirmed that he sustained permanent disability of around 3% due to the incident.

During interrogation, the assailant admitted to sitting on the victim's back, while his father stated that the son had grabbed and pinned the victim to the ground. Eyewitnesses also corroborated that the assailant had struck the victim multiple times with the wooden object and forcefully held his neck.

The assailant has a prior record of assault charges. The High Criminal Court has scheduled a hearing on June 10th to address this case.