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Parliament seeks quicker action on recommendations by investigation committees

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MP Mohammed Al Marifi has proposed a draft law that would obligate the government to provide written feedback to the parliamentary investigation committees’ recommendations within two months from discussing them in the parliament.

The new proposal proposes to amend Article 164 of Decree Law No. 54 of 2002 concerning the internal regulations of the Council of Representatives.

The suggested amendment would add a new paragraph to Article 164, stating: “The government must respond to the Parliament in writing regarding the proposals (recommendations) submitted within two months from the date of discussion of the report (of the investigations committees).

If it is not possible to adopt these proposals, the reasons for this must be explained to the Council.” Parliamentary recommendations According to Al Maarifi, the draft law aims to oblige the government to respond to parliamentary recommendations submitted in the report prepared by the parliamentary investigation committees within two months from the date of the report’s discussion by the MPs in the parliament.

He pointed out that the parliamentary inquiry tool is one of the most important oversight tools stipulated by the constitution and its procedures are regulated by the internal regulations of the Parliament.

Potential wrongdoings

“The tool’s strength lies not only in its ability to investigate and uncover potential wrongdoings, but also in its capacity to generate lasting impact beyond a singular session.

Therefore, it is crucial that the inquiry’s influence extends beyond the initial discussion of the report,” he said, adding: “The government’s response to the inquiry’s proposals and recommendations should serve as a springboard for continued engagement.

This continuous dialogue allows for a thorough examination of the government’s justifications and opens the door for further parliamentary action, should the need arise.”