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Nada Al-Fardan completes ‘Knight’s Shields’ cartoon series

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Renowned children’s literature writer Nada Al-Fardan has unveiled the initial production completion of the cartoon series “Knight’s Shields,” inspired by her acclaimed story “A Knight and His Ten Shields,” published by Dar Kishmish Creative Production.

The series, produced in collaboration with Saudi-Bahraini cooperation by the “Cartology Company,” will premiere at the end of this month in the Kingdom of Bahrain, hosted by the Canadian School.

The narrative of “Knight’s Shields” revolves around the character Faris, guided by his wise sister, the narrator, on a journey to create imaginary armor that endows him with the power of knights.

Through the guidance of Faris’s family, the young hero learns valuable lessons about strength, virtue, noble qualities, and navigating life’s challenges.

Al-Fardan highlighted the rarity of original Arab cartoon productions, often overshadowed by foreign imports, prompting her collaboration with Saudi producer and writer Fahd Al-Qahtani to create a culturally resonant work that preserves Arab identity and values.

The selection of the book “A Knight and His Ten Shields,” lauded by the jury of the Sharjah Arab Creativity Award in 2015, reflects its widespread acclaim among children.

Challenges Acknowledging the complexities of producing children’s animation, Al-Fardan emphasised the challenges of finding qualified Arab companies for professional graphic production, ensuring child-friendly animation, and selecting appropriate voice actors.

Attention was given to maintaining consistency between the series’ visuals and the original book illustrations to maintain audience familiarity.

The first pilot episodes will gauge audience reception, with three completed episodes slated for initial broadcast. Success will pave the way for subsequent episodes, culminating in a full series comprising 30 episodes.