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Bapco successfully lowers damaged floating roof of oil tank in Sitra

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The Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) announced yesterday that it has successfully lowered the damaged floating roof of one of its oil tanks in Sitra.

This critical step marks significant progress in the ongoing repair operation following the incident, the company said in a statement.

The company stated that the remaining naphtha in the tank has significantly decreased, and the safe and gradual transfer of the remaining product to another tank is nearing completion.

“In a joint effort, an emergency response team, with exceptional support from the Ministry of Interior, Civil Defence, and the Supreme Council for Environment, implemented all necessary safety and security measures during the operation.

Specialists were also appointed to secure the damaged floating roof and ensure its stable positioning at the bottom of the tank,” the statement explained.


Bapco reiterated its commitment to prioritising community safety in all its operations.

The Kingdom witnessed the nationwide spread of the naphtha gas following heavy rainfall, causing damage to the tank where the gas, described as non-toxic, was secured.

The incident forced the Ministry of Education to temporarily shut down public and private schools located in Sitra until Sunday.