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Ajwa dates Bahrain’s top choice for Ramadan delicacies and special gifts

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Reported by Zahra Ayaz  

In Bahrain, the holy month of Ramadan is synonymous with the cherished tradition of breaking the fast with dates. Among the wide array of date varieties available in local markets, one type stands out as the ultimate favourite: Ajwa dates.

Throughout the year, Bahraini markets offer a diverse selection of date varieties. However, during Ramadan, the offerings reach new heights to meet the soaring demand. This year alone, more than 30 exquisite date varieties from various parts of the world can be found in Bahraini markets, each boasting its own unique taste and texture, providing date enthusiasts with a delightful range of options.

In a recent survey conducted by The Daily Tribune, Ajwa dates emerged as the undisputed winner, capturing the hearts of buyers during Ramadan. According to Yahya, the owner of Madeena Dates, “Ajwa is the most sought-after date, with many people specifically seeking it out during Ramadan. Prices can range from BD4 to BD8, depending on the quantity.”

What makes Ajwa dates so special? Yahya elaborated, highlighting their chewy texture and a rich blend of vitamins, minerals, and fibre. These qualities make Ajwa dates not only a delectable treat but also an ideal choice for special gifts and iftar feasts.


Medjool dates

“While Ajwa dates reign supreme, let us not forget another beloved variety: Medjool dates. With their plump, moist texture and intense flavour, Medjool dates have carved a special place in the hearts of Ramadan gatherings.

Prices for these luscious delights start at BD3. “Beyond their delectable taste, dates offer immediate energy due to their natural sugars, replenishing nutrients after a day of fasting. Moreover, they contribute to regulating blood sugar levels, preventing sudden spikes and crashes following periods of fasting,” he added.

Yahya continued, saying, “For date enthusiasts, Madeena Dates is a haven with three branches conveniently located across Bahrain, including Lulu Mall, Riffa, and Hoora. Shoppers can indulge in the joy of purchasing dates alongside their other shopping needs, ensuring a seamless Ramadan experience.”


Sought-after varieties

While Ajwa and Medjool dates remain the most popular choices among buyers during Ramadan, there are other sought-after varieties as well. These include Khudri, Khalas, Sagai, Safawi, Barhi, Sullaj, Helwa, Mabroum, Nabout Seif, and Sukkary.