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Web of deceit unmasked

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The High Criminal Court has delivered a verdict convicting an Asian fraudulent network for orchestrating deceptive operations utilizing a counterfeit website. The announcement was made by the Deputy Chief of the Electronic Crimes Prosecution.

The principal culprit was sentenced to five years in prison, fined BD5,000, and ordered permanent deportation from the Kingdom of Bahrain upon completion of the sentence. Additionally, the court sentenced the remaining defendants to three years imprisonment, fined them BD2,000 each, and ordered their expulsion from the country after completing their jail terms.

The incident traces back to a report filed by an electronic payment company concerning suspicious transactions totaling BD4,312 conducted through its website. Following investigations conducted by the Department of Combating Economic Crimes within the General Department of Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security, an experienced Asian fraudulent network was uncovered.


The Public Prosecution promptly initiated investigations upon receiving the report, leading to the arrest of the accused who confessed to stealing victims’ bank data and creating a fraudulent website for illicit activities.

After thorough examinations of seized electronic devices, testimonies from witnesses, and interrogation of the accused, the Public Prosecution presented the defendants to the Criminal Court.

They were charged with utilising an electronic signature for fraudulent purposes and two misdemeanors related to fraud through information technology means, unauthorised entry into an information technology system, and forgery and use of a private document. The court meticulously deliberated on the case until reaching a verdict.

The Public Prosecution underscores its ongoing efforts to combat electronic fraud in all its manifestations and emphasises the importance of safeguarding societal interests. It pledges to take decisive measures to protect financial assets and ensure economic and electronic security in the Kingdom.