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Bahrain Shura teams up with Housing Ministry to ensure affordable homes for citizens

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Bahrainis hoping to own their dream homes could soon find it easier thanks to a proposed law under discussion by the Shura Council.

The Public Utilities and Environment Committee, led by Dr. Mohammed Ali Hassan Ali, recently met with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning to delve into the proposal, drafted by five Bahrain Shura Council members.

This initiative aims to boost citizens’ purchasing power by setting clear guidelines for income deductions related to housing services. The proposed cap? A manageable 25% ensures financial stability while opening doors to quality housing.

The proposed law emphasizes transparency and clarity, safeguarding individual rights throughout the process. Discussions centred on an amended article specifying deductions based on either basic salary or registered wage, always capped at 25%.

Additionally, the Minister of Housing and Urban Planning, Her Excellency Amna bint Ahmed Al Romaihi, will establish regulations for lending for various housing needs, along with income calculation methods for eligible groups.

Committee Chairman Dr. Ali lauded the collaborative spirit between the legislative and executive branches, highlighting how such partnerships strengthen efforts to serve the nation and its citizens.

This teamwork paves the way for consensus-driven legislation, ultimately benefiting all Bahrainis seeking a piece of the homeownership dream. With this proposal gaining momentum, the path to accessible and affordable housing could become a reality for many Bahrainis.