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Say goodbye to parking woes!

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Reported by Zahra Ayaz

In a bid to tackle the persistent problem of parking shortages, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture unveiled a state-of-the-art multi-story parking building in Manama.

The newly inaugurated structure, developed by Bahrain parking company Amakin, provides a solution to the pressing need for parking spaces in the bustling Manama Market area.

Covering a considerable floor area of approximately 15,368 square metres, the parking building boasts a total capacity of 400 cars.

It stands as the first completed project within the government and investment platform, signaling a promising step forward in addressing the city’s parking challenges.

One of the key highlights of the parking facility is its incorporation of modern electronic entry, exit, and payment systems. These cutting-edge features have been introduced to streamline the parking experience for users, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

The strategic location of the Amakin parking building in the heart of Manama Market holds significant importance. This vibrant area, frequented by numerous visitors, shoppers, and merchants, has long been plagued by the scarcity of parking options.

The provision of ample parking spaces in such a central location is poised to serve the community throughout the week, alleviating the strain on commuters and facilitating smoother mobility within the area.

Valuable partnership

Speaking on the occasion, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture emphasised the collaborative nature of the project, highlighting the valuable partnership between the public and private sectors.

Such joint efforts not only yield tangible gains for municipal work but also contribute to the overall improvement of services, enhancing their quality and effectiveness. The urgency to address the parking predicament in Manama had been previously highlighted in a report by The Daily Tribune on August 20.

With parking spaces becoming increasingly scarce, frustrated commuters and residents had resorted to utilising bus stands as makeshift parking lots, exacerbating the inconvenience and leading to severe traffic congestion. The inauguration of the Amakin parking building brings renewed hope for the future, assuaging concerns about the long-term impact on public transportation.