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Bahrain a champion of migrant rights: MP Dhaen

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Bahraini MP Dr. Maryam Al-Dhaen commended the international parliamentary efforts aimed at safeguarding the human rights of refugees and migrants.

She underscored that the Kingdom of Bahrain is equipped with a robust legislative framework guaranteeing the protection of human rights and ensuring a dignified life for all citizens.

This includes provisions for health, food, education, and other essential life requirements, the MP said. While Bahrain may not be a host country for refugees, its leadership, government, and people are dedicated to offering support, assistance, and aid to nations grappling with refugees due to political, security, climatic, or other circumstances, she said.

Highlighting Bahrain’s reputation for tolerance and coexistence, Dr. Al-Dhaen noted that expatriate communities residing in the Kingdom find it an ideal place to settle. They, along with their families, pursue opportunities for study, work, and improvement of their lives, enjoying all human rights stipulated in international laws, charters, and treaties to which Bahrain is committed.

Age-old reality

Dr. Al-Dhaen emphasised that migration is an age-old reality with various reasons, be it in search of job opportunities, escape from conflicts, or due to environmental disasters. Addressing the challenges of illegal immigration and the integration of migrants into societies is crucial.

Challenges include potential human rights violations, arbitrary treatment, and infringement upon economic, social, and cultural rights, the MP pointed out. She appreciated the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s focus on immigration, considering it a priority.

She encouraged parliaments to play a role in urging governments to reevaluate policies related to immigration and in enacting legislation that regulates the rights and duties of immigrants in host countries.