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Bahrain to provide medical treatment to injured in Gaza

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Upholding a stance of unwavering solidarity, the House of Representatives has decisively endorsed a proposal centred on the immediate adoption of Bahrain's treatment for injured individuals in Gaza.

Particularly targeted at the vulnerable demographics of children, women, and the elderly, this move reflects a poignant commitment to extending vital medical assistance amidst the ongoing conflict.

The proposal, tabled during yesterday's session by a group of dedicated representatives including Iman Shuwaiter, Ali Aldosari, Hassan Ibrahim, Mamdouh Alsaleh, and Dr. Mahdi Al Shuwaikh, underscores Bahrain's unwavering commitment to providing essential medical assistance and support to those adversely affected by the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

This decision reflects Bahrain's stance as a compassionate global player, stepping up to the plate to extend a helping hand in times of crisis. By extending medical treatment to the injured, with particular attention to vulnerable segments of the population, Bahrain seeks to alleviate the suffering of those in need, especially children, women, and the elderly, contributing substantially to their recovery and well-being. The approval of this proposal stands as a testament to Bahrain's dedication to humanitarian causes, transcending geopolitical boundaries to provide support where it is needed most.