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Northern Governorate holds health event for World Diabetes Day

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His Excellency Mr. Ali bin Shaikh Abdul Hussein Al-Asfour, Governor of the Northern Governorate, witnessed the health event organised by the governorate on the Abu Sobah Coast Walk, on the occasion of World Diabetes Day, which was held under the slogan “Towards a healthy governorate free of diabetes - know your risks... know your response.”

His Excellency the Governor confirmed that the event aims to raise awareness of diabetes and how to prevent it, pointing out that the governorate seeks to organise various programs and events in order to raise the culture of the individual and society, and to seek to obtain the North’s accreditation as a healthy governorate, thanking at the same time all the participating and supportive parties that contributed to the success of the event.

The event included an awareness exhibition, a corner for free medical examinations, in addition to walking, and the event concluded with honouring the participating and supporting entities by His Excellency the Governor.

The event was attended by Colonel Abdullah Ali Maantar, Deputy Governor, Dr. Tasnim Atatreh, Head of the World Health Organization Office in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Colonel Muhammad Rashid Al Husseini, Deputy Director General of the Northern Governorate Police Directorate, and heads of committees in the Healthy Cities Program in the Governorate.