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Stage is set next week for Bahrain Film Festival 2023

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The third session of the Bahrain Film Festival 2023 will be held under the slogan “Celebrating the Art of Filmmaking” from October 5 to 9, under the patronage of Information Minister Dr. Ramzan bin Abdullah Al Nuaimi.

The festival is supported by Beyon and the National Bank of Bahrain, the two strategic partners of the event, and organised by the Bahrain Cinema Club. Dr. Al Nuaimi said that the festival aims to showcase outstanding cinematic works by young Bahraini talents and establish the Kingdom as a prominent destination for film festivals in the region.

Emphasising the cultural significance of such festivals in preserving the art of cinema, promoting artistic exchange, and fostering understanding among different countries and cultures, the Minister expressed gratitude to Beyon Company and the National Bank of Bahrain for their sincere support and national efforts.

Dr. Al Nuaimi noted that Bahrain pioneered the Arabian Gulf region’s first film festival, the “Arab Film Festival,” in 2000, igniting the launch of similar events in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Recognising the film industry’s potential as a vital and promising sector in the creative economy, the Minister stated that Bahrain possesses the necessary elements for success in this field.

He emphasised the importance of providing knowledge, empowering talented Bahrainis across various aspects of the film industry, and enhancing local production that reflects the Kingdom’s culture, identity, and historical heritage.

Additionally, he highlighted the role of the private sector in achieving the sector’s development goals and embracing pioneering cinematic experiences in the region.