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US affirms enduring presence in Middle East

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Reported by Ashen Tharaka

The Comprehensive Security Integration and Prosperity Agreement (C-SIPA) between the United States and Bahrain is a sign that the US is committed to an enduring presence in the region.

US Ambassador to Bahrain Steven C. Bondy made these remarks at a press conference held yesterday at the US Embassy in Manama to highlight the importance of the C-SIPA agreement, which was signed on September 13-14, 2023.

“This agreement, to me, should cement in the minds of the people and the governments of the region that the United States will have an enduring presence here,” Bondy said during a press conference Q&A session.

“We do not accept the idea that we are leaving. And this agreement should stand as proof that the United States will remain in the region for a long time to come.” Open for others The agreement formalises cooperation to deter conflict in the region, enhance regional stability, de-escalate tensions, and bolster trade and economic cooperation.

In such a backdrop, Ambassador Bondy also said that the C-SIPA is open to other countries joining. “That is absolutely our hope and it is our expectation as well,” he said. “And that is why it is necessary at this time for my government, for the Bahraini government to show the benefit.”

Ambassador Bondy also highlighted that the US government is not pushing towards the agreement, but rather the agreement itself is pulling in other friendly countries. Legal background During the press conference, it was highlighted that the C-SIPA between the US and Bahrain is legally binding and has no time frame.

“From the United States’ point of view, this is a binding executive agreement,” Bondy said. “And those words that I just used were carefully reviewed, and our legal advisors said, ‘Yes, indeed, that is the nature of the agreement. So it will have an enduring length of time. In fact, there is no endpoint in this agreement.”

C-SIPA to boost US-Bahrain investment

The Comprehensive Security Integration and Prosperity Agreement (C-SIPA) is expected to lead to increased investment between the US and Bahrain, as well as cooperation on emerging technologies.

“We expect that there will be greater interest in American companies investing in Bahrain and Bahraini companies investing in the United States in order to work on either cutting-edge kinds of projects, such as emerging technology, which is also part of this agreement, or in other ways that meet basic human needs,” US Ambassador to Bahrain Steven C. Bondy said.

The ambassador concluded by saying that the C-SIPA is a significant step forward in the US-Bahrain relationship. “This is a big step, but it’s just the first step,” he said. “And now we need to see what else we can do to work with one another.”

C-SIPA provides a framework for increased cooperation in three key ways: Security and defense, Economic relationship, and science, technology, and network security.