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Drug smugglers hired by Iranian mastermind to learn fate by Bahrain court

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The High Criminal Appeals Court is set to deliver a verdict on the appeal of two defendants involved in a drug smuggling case.

The first defendant, who has already been convicted, received a 15-year prison sentence and a fine of BD10,000 for the use of force and violence against a public official responsible for enforcing drug and psychotropic substance laws.

The second defendant, currently serving a life sentence, faces a fine of BD10,000 for the grave offence of drug trafficking.

The incident was revealed following the receipt of valuable information by the Anti-Drug Enforcement Administration.

Confidential sources revealed a clandestine drug smuggling network operating within Bahrain's territorial waters.

Authorities identified an Iranian national as the mastermind behind the illicit operation.

Law enforcement agencies collaborated with a confidential source who successfully arranged the purchase of one kilogramme of cannabis for BD2,200.

The accused handed the confidential source a nylon bag containing approximately 1.10 kg of cannabis, and the money was handed over.

A well-coordinated raid led to the arrest of the accused, and another nylon bag containing 5.226 kg of cannabis was discovered in the defendant's vehicle, further strengthening the case against them.