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Two UoB students develop innovative walking robot

TDT | Manama

The Daily Tribune –

Two students from the College of Engineering at the University of Bahrain have designed a walking robot specifically tailored for individuals with lower limb impairments caused by spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, or stroke.

Ammar Mahdi Ghuloum and Asmaa Mahmoud Zayer, who are both Mechanical Engineering students, secured second place in the graduation projects category of the Mechanical Engineering program for their creation.

Ghuloum pointed out that the robotic walking device aims to provide stability and support to individuals with weak knee joints. Prior to manufacturing, the device underwent rigorous evaluations, including tests for mechanical strength, response, and safety through stability, dynamics, and pressure analysis.

Zayer revealed that the team is actively working on enhancing the current model to address the limitations related to sensors and the device’s reliance on a single joint. She emphasised that developing an affordable walking aid device is a significant step towards improving the quality of life for individuals with mobility issues.


Looking ahead, the students envision incorporating advancements such as battery integration, motion sensors for customisation, Internet of Things (IoT) technology, artificial intelligence (AI), enhanced portability, and extended battery life.

These improvements have the potential to enhance the accuracy, performance, safety, and comfort of the device, while catering to the specific needs of the users.

The project was supervised by lecturer Syed Ghani Fateh Rahman, a faculty member in the Mechanical Engineering Department. It was part of a collection of 71 distinguished graduation projects completed by 199 male and female students during the second semester of the 2022/2023 academic year at the College of Engineering.