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Bahrain’s initiatives to achieve SDGs by 2030

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Sustainable Development Minister Noor bint Al Khulaif has affirmed Bahrain’s keenness to launch initiatives and strategies aimed at developing sustainability in the Kingdom and achieving its sustainable development goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Al Khulaif was speaking as she attended a conference held at Gulf Hotel Convention Centre yesterday. Bahrain has taken major steps towards achieving its sustainable development goals, set by the United Nations General Assembly, by aligning its national development agenda accordingly, and actively engaging with the government, civil society, academia, and the private sector.

Dr Shaikh Abdulla bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, MoFA undersecretary for political affairs, announced that Bahrain had achieved its goals for pure water and free education. He noted that basic education is free and compulsory in the Kingdom, and the coverage of safe water, sanitation, and clean energy networks has reached 100 percent.

Despite the challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, Bahrain is focusing on strengthening and creating partnerships, launching a series of workshops, highlighting the accomplishments the country has achieved, and working towards future goals and targets to display the Kingdom as a model for sustainable development.

Al Khulaif stressed the importance of the progress the Kingdom has made since its first report in 2018. She highlighted the main themes in the report: “The report will be a guideline of the Kingdom’s achievements over the past four years, as well as through the pandemic, and the future aspirations and SDGs Bahrain aims to meet.

The report also highlights the challenges the Kingdom has faced, and how new partnerships can be created locally, regionally, and internationally.” The Minister said that the Kingdom has produced immense progress, especially in the last couple of months, to implement the SDGs, including those related to clean water, clean and affordable energy, industry, innovation and infrastructure, and sustainable cities and communities.

The five main goals she highlighted aims to make the Kingdom on par with other countries. Al Khulaif spoke about other goals that the Kingdom focuses on including doubling renewable energy goals by 2035, and the afforestation plan, which aims to double the number of trees by increasing the number of mangrove trees four times.

Since developing the SDGs, Bahrain has closely monitored its achievements and progress, and it also published the Water Report to monitor the progress made towards the implementation of the targets and indicators of the sixth SDG in February 2018.

Al Khulaif also spoke about the Kingdom’s commitment to sustainable development by implementing workshops and development programs that yearn to create a better future and quality of life for everyone. She pointed out that the Kingdom has begun updating indicators to ensure they can clearly state their position.