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Murad house to transform as boutique hotel; Siyadi Majlis as pearl museum

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Murad House and Siyadi Majlis – an integral part of pearling testimony that is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list- are to get their interiors restored to their former glory. Post renovation, Murad house will operate as a guesthouse - boutique hostel, while Siyadi Majlis will function as a pearl museum.

The decision follows the “wish of the family to foster the remembrance of the property as a ’house of hospitality,” Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities said. The details are according to a tender by the BACA seeking interior designers for completing the project.


The project is part of the pearling testimony - a serial site in old Muharraq, which narrates the history of the Pearling era in Bahrain. The tender says, “The restoration of the main properties along the path will be complete soon, and the role of the appointed contractor will be to implement final interior finishes, lighting, exhibition tables and showcases, toilet fittings, and to provide furnishing as well.”

Interior designers wishing to participate should make bids before the 4th of January 2023, with a BD4,000 bond valid for 180 days.


Murad House and Murad Majlis

Murad House and Murad Majlis are buildings facing each other, separated by a mosque. They belong to the Murad family, for many generations pearl traders (tawawish), and are still in use today.


Constructed of coral stone, the Murad House was at one time just 50 metres from the shore. The land was a gift from the ruler, Sh. Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, at the end of the 19th century. Murad Majlis - a separate building from the primary family home - was the place for male guests, pearl sales and purchases and overnight visitors.


Siyadi Majlis

The Siyadi complex, created by one of Bahrain’s leading grand pearl merchant families (tajir al-lu’lu’), has three interrelated buildings: Siyadi House, a family residence built by Abdullah bin Isa Siyadi; Siyadi Majlis, a second family residence with an impressive guest room built by Ahmad bin Jassim Siyadi; and Siyadi Mosque, donated to the community by Isa and Jassim bin Ahmad Siyadi.


The Siyadis settled in Muharraq in the early 19th century. As grand pearl merchants, the family owned its own pearling fleet and was guaranteed its annual pearl catch.