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Derasat launches key digital library on strategic sciences

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The Daily Tribune –

The Bahrain Center for Strategic, International & Energy Studies (Derasat) is proud to launch its “ELibrary” on its official website, providing the full range of its publications from books, reports and research to be made available to all website visitors.

The digital Library/E-store includes significant studies that add value to the local and regional literature sphere with many publications and research in the political, strategic, economic and historical fields; all of which were either written or published by researchers in the Center and experts in their fields.

This E-Library delivers an important resource to academics and interested individuals who wish to work on specialised studies concerning Bahrain and the Arab Gulf region, as the Center ’s work focuses mainly on all strategic issues concerning this region with an emphasis on objective and comprehensive representation in dealing with various challenges, in addition to using methodical and reliable tools to compile and present constructive research.

This step comes with the increasing demand for the Center’s publications, and as a Derasat initiative to keep the public abreast of the latest developments through digital services, as this E-Library constitutes an important milestone in increasing Derasat’s presence and digital footprint, regionally and internationally.

This digital platform provides its visitors, researchers, and stakeholders the ability to view and obtain the Center ‘s publications ranging from books, periodicals and digital research through online access using computers, digital tablets, and smart phones, while having firsthand access to everything newly published.

Shaikha Nayla bint Ali Al Khalifa, Director of Communication and Knowledge Management at Derasat, noted that this digital library provides a wealth of knowledge to researchers, university students, and historians giving them the resources to yield theoretical knowledge on many issues that occupy the region, and provide them with research backed, current and qualitative studies, which contribute to shaping perceptions about the future of the region and the world.

Shaikha Nayla added: “The (Derasat) E-Library is designed to be user friendly, allowing members, individuals, and institutions, to obtain its digital contents for free, while it provides an electronic sale service for non-members, through downloading files.

“Additionally, it provides a delivery service for original copies that are available; currently also offered in a few public libraries in Bahrain to enable interested individuals to access peer reviewed and approved references, as well as access for media professionals looking for open resources on the region’s news or current affairs from a research perspective.”