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Tourism Ministry updating facilities classification criteria

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The Daily Tribune –

Tourism Minister Fatima bint Jaafar Al Sairafi has announced that the ministry is working on reformulating the criteria for classifying tourist facilities. The announcement was made during a consultation meeting with representatives of private tourism facilities in the Kingdom.

During the meeting, Al Sairafi affirmed that the re-classification initiative is part of the Government’s commitment to further develop the tourism industry, through the facilitation of procedures while accommodating for the diversity in the sector, which would serve the goals of the recently launched Tourism Strategy (2022-2026). The Minister highlighted the importance of public-private partnerships in realising the national tourism industry’s objectives.

She added that the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority (BTEA) will continue to support event organisers, through the facilitation and promotion of various events, via the authority’s online presence, and network of over 75 tourist offices around the world. This on top of keeping related facilities updated of tourism-related events on the regional and global scale.