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Harbour Gate celebrates 50th “Art at the Harbour” exhibition

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Harbour Gate celebrates a milestone in the Kingdom’s art scene, the 50th “Art at the Harbour” exhibition.

The seventh edition of the year showcases Bahraini artist Layla Husain Mohamed with the display “Amwaj” (waves), which pays homage to the beauty of the sea and emphasises the history and location of Bahrain Financial Harbour.

The exhibition was opened in the presence of Redha Munfaredi, Shura Council member, and Alex Craine, CEO of Bahrain Financial Harbour.

“Amwaj” features 20 unique art pieces and is inspired by Layla’s love for nature.

“I seek my inspiration from the beauty in the world.

Painting brings me peace and nourishes my soul.

“Amwaj” is my first solo art show and portrays my passion for the beautiful sea,” she said.

Layla is a part-time artist, self-taught.

She is a member of the Bahrain Contemporary Art Association and of WICE (France).

Her paintings are an intersection of nature, sea and landscapes, using different media such as oil, acrylic, ink, resin and textures, including wood.

“I like to blend realism and impressionism in my work with abstract art of nature,” she added.

The “Art at the Harbour” series runs in its fifth year at Harbour Gate.

 “Amwaj” is the 50th exhibition under the umbrella of this series.

It is on display from October 10 to November 4 and located on the ground floor at Harbour Gate within the Bahrain Financial Harbour.