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The, the first virtual mall in the Kingdom launched in April last year, has attracted 220 stores in the Kingdom so far, said the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. The national platform includes all the eStores and eMarketplaces licensed in Bahrain by the Industry Ministry. The ministry also extended an invitation to business owners to register their shops on https://

“All those authorised by the Sijili and the Khatwa (Home-based business) programme are welcome to register on the website free of charges,” said Zayed bin Rashid Al Zayani, the minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, said in a joint statement with Jameel Humaidan, the Minister of Labour and Social development.

Labour Ministry’s Khatwa Project for Home projects provides all facilities required for families and individuals to start their business projects from home. Those interested can register their eStore or eMarketplace by providing information through the “Register eStore” link on the and following the guidelines.

There are over 24 categories available for businesses to register on Clothes and Accessories have the most number of shops.

Call 17359008

To register, contact via email or call 17359008.

Registration is for business owners and establishments having an eStore or eMarketplace, a license or registration, an online payment method, and the capability to deliver goods to consumers.

The website should not be just informational. The move to support entrepreneurs in the Kingdom is as per the directives of HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister. Al Zayani said the stores on could be fully trusted as they are licensed or registered with the ministry, which covers the stakeholders by the laws and regulations in Bahrain.

The ministry, Al Zayani said, regularly inspects licensed shops operating through websites, social networking sites, and brick-and-mortar shops. The minister also urged the public to deal with only licensed suppliers.

“The consumer protection law matters to commercial operations between consumers and a licensed provider, but the promotion and sales of goods on social media is outside its purview,” the minister said.

Jameel Humaidan, the Minister of Labor and Social Development, said the project facilitates the marketing of products more comprehensively, thanking HRH Prime Salman for allowing Khutwa programme beneficiaries to register free of charges.

Humaidan also called on small and micro enterprises to register in the platform to market their products most efficiently