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‘Global leader’ role success for Bahrain

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The international organisations emphasised the “global leadership” that the Kingdom has been playing in the field of human rights since the start of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s reform era and the National Action Charter inauguration as part of its twentieth-anniversary celebrations.

In their statement, they highlighted Bahrain’s achievements such as working to promote and respect human rights, striving to establish a state of institutions and law, promoting democracy and popular participation, and reinforcing international obligations that allow everyone to exercise their rights and freedoms guaranteed by international legislation.

 Bahrain has also put human rights at forefront of the government’s orientations, policies and initiatives, and ensure wide participation in the administration of the state by activating the parliamentary role and the legislative and elected oversight authority, which are pioneering and advanced steps that Bahrain had achieved early on.

They also pointed out that Bahrain has achieved “international leadership” in the field of human rights beyond any doubt.

The Kingdom has gained the international community’s confidence by winning membership to the United Nations International Human Rights Council for the third time.

 ‘Achievements’ The group reviewed several unique achievements made by Bahrain in terms of affirming its commitment and concern for the values and principles of human rights and devoting attention and respect to legislation and international commitments on this field.

 The Kingdom has ensured their compliance with international standards, especially the royal directives to form the independent Bahraini committee, implement the national consensus dialogue, form the national committee concerned with implementing the recommendations of the independent committee and the outcomes of the national consensus dialogue, make constitutional amendments, update legislation, and create institutions that consecrate and enhance respect for human rights.

In addition, Bahrain has implemented many legislative and organisational reforms aimed at promoting and empowering women, and upholding the higher interests of children, particularly by promulgating the Corrective Justice Law for Children.

These initiatives have placed Bahrain at the forefront of the Arab countries in the field of organisational, institutions and legislative structures aimed at enhancing its respect and commitment to human rights.

‘Strategy’ The statement also noted Bahrain’s success in pushing for national legislation on human rights, guaranteeing freedom of opinion and expression, respecting religious and cultural freedoms, and ensuring fair trials following international standards.

The country has also succeeded in preparing the national plan for human rights in partnership with all active sectors in the Kingdom.

Bahrain has also been keen to implement the requirements of the UN to achieve sustainable development by the year 2030.

Great efforts Likewise, the international organisations expressed their appreciation for the great efforts made by the Interior Ministry to protect society from the coronavirus by implementing precautionary and preventive measures.

International organisations that signed the statement of support for BahrainInternational organisations that signed the statement of support for Bahrain

Arab Union for Human Rights (Geneva), Arab European Forum for Dialogue and Human Rights (Geneva), International Council for Diplomacy and Dialogue (France), Global Council for Tolerance and Peace (Italy), Women for Peace and Tolerance (UK), European Center for Counterterrorism and Intelligence Studies (The Netherlands), European Organization for Intercultural Dialogue (German), European Association for the Defense of Minorities (Belgium), Istituto Milton Friedman Institute (Italy).

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (Arab Republic of Egypt), Levant Strategic Studies Center (UK), The Arab Bridge for Human Rights (Jordan), European Center for counterterrorism and Intelligence studies (Germany), Solidarisons Nous Pour Paix Tolerance Cohesion Sociale (France), “Together” Human Rights Association (Bahrain), European Center for Peace and Conflict resolution (France), Sumerian Observatory for Human Rights (The Netherlands).

Haqqi Center for Human Rights (Geneva), Internatiinal Movement for Peace and Coexistence (Belgium), Insaf Defending Freedom and Minorities (Yemen), The National Association for the Defense of Rights and Freedoms (Egypt), Step for Human Rights (Geneva), Arab Network for Digital Media And Human Rights (Geneva), and Iraakse Huis Vereniging Den Haag (The Netherlands).


The international organisations that signed the joint statement of support for Bahrain