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‘#Commit4Bahrain’ gains huge social media interest

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Hashtag ‘#Commit4Bahrain’ was the talk of the day on twitter yesterday with netizens coming out in large numbers to express solidarity.  Launched by His Royal Highness Prince Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander, and First Deputy Prime Minister, the campaign calls on all to adhere strictly to Coronavirus (COVID-19) precautionary measures for two weeks until 1 October 2020. 

The move follows a decision to postpone the reopening of indoor dining services at restaurants and cafes for one month and the return of administrative, technical, and teaching staff at public schools by two weeks.

The Government executive committee, chaired by HRH Crown Prince, has called on all to show a firm commitment to wearing masks in public settings and observing social distancing measures to curb the spread of the deadly virus.   The government has called on all to limit gathering to members of the same households.

The campaign, on the occasion of Bahrain celebrating the “World Patient Safety Day”, also highlights the huge challenges health workers are facing globally. On this occasion, Bahrain Financial Harbour lit both its towers in bright orange light, at six in the evening.

Observed annually on 17 September, the World Patient Safety Day recognizes patient safety as a global health priority and underlines the need to ensure the safety of patients while receiving care.  Health top priority Commenting, Saleh Swar, a specialist nursing specialist in the Infection Control Department, confirmed that the safety of patients and health workers is a top priority for the Infection Control Department at the Salmaniya Medical Complex.

Saleh Swar explained that the department works to promote the culture of handwashing, optimal use of personal protective equipment, and continuous sterilization of hospital departments while ensuring that workers and patients are protected. 

Adhere to precautionary measures Jamila Al-Salman, a consultant of infectious diseases at the Salmaniya Medical Complex and a member of the National Medical Team for Coronavirus (Covid-19), said COVID-19 is very less among health personnel due to adherence to safety measures. 

In the same context; Tahira Anwar Saeed, Head of the Infection Control Department at Salmaniya Medical Complex, urged all to follow the precautionary measures to preserve the health and safety of everyone.  To achieve this, he said people should adhere strictly to social distancing measures, avoid gatherings, and wear masks while in public settings. 

Saeed also called on all to quarantine themselves in the event of detecting any symptoms or suspecting infection. “They should then immediately call 444 and follow the instructions given to them.” Taha Abbas Abdulaziz, Infection Control Coordinator for Primary Care at the Ministry of Health, said that ensuring the safety of the work environment is very important.

“It is important to have proper ventilation, temperature monitoring, proper lighting, and maintain food hygiene to preserve the safety of everyone.” He also stressed the importance of washing hands with soap and water, sterilizing with hand sanitizer, wearing masks, and adhering strictly to social distancing measures.