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12-member terrorist group lose final plea

TDT | Manama

Members of a terrorist group lost their last chance to evade the previously issued sentences against them as the Court of Cassation rejected their final plea against the verdicts. The sentences included life in prison, and an imprisonment of 10 and 15 years. The group was earlier convicted of forming a terrorist cell in violation of the provisions of the law, joining it, torturing, arresting and detaining a person, using force with him, kidnapping, theft and promoting a terrorist crime in implementation of terrorist purposes.

Two of the members were sentenced to life in prison, while eight got 15 years in jail and the remaining two got 10 years imprisonment. According to court files, the 12 Bahraini men formed a terrorist group called the “Secret Intelligence Service of Bahrain Revolution” with the aim of arresting persons suspected of co-operating with the police, and kidnapping and detaining them to extract their confessions through torture in order to spread terror among citizens and residents, and to prevent them from communicating and co-operating with the security authorities in implementation of terrorist purposes.

Police investigations showed that the group was responsible of kidnapping four individuals suspected of cooperating with the security authorities on different dates. They group detained the kidnapped persons, tortured them, assaulted them, robbed them and filmed them while making false confessions and shared online. 

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