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ICB Talent Fest 2019 concludes today

The Indian Club Bahrain has announced the completion of its children’s cultural festival, the ICB Talent Fest 2019, with the participation of 1288 children in six categories. The Fest will draw to a close with the Grand Finale at 7 pm today at the Indian Club premises.

Competition in literature, Music, Dance, Art, Other events and Group were open to all members of the Indian community aged between 5 and 18 years. Chief Guest for the event is cine artist Namitha Pramod, and the evening will see all participants receive trophies and certificates.

The Guest of Honour is Indian moviemaker, Boban Samuel. Shauryaa Sreejit emerged as the ICB Talent Prince and Sneha Muralidharan as ICB Talent Princess. The Group Champions for Groups I through V are Hima Ajithkumar, Shreya Muralidharan, Shreya Gopakumar.

Ascharya K. Ramesh and Anagha S. Lal, respectively. Anagha S. Lal won the title of ICB Dancing Jewel and Athulkrishna Gopakumar won the title of ICB Musical Gem. Shilpa Santhosh was declared as the ICB Artistic Pearl and Sreehamsini Balamurugan as the Literary Diamond for 2019.

The Artistic Special Award went to Mia Mariam Alex. Rithvika Sreenath received the Group Three Special Award, and Advaith Anilkumar received the ICB Talent Fest Special Award. Secretary of the Indian Club, Job Joseph and convenor of the Fest, Jose Francis, thanked all the participants for their performances.